09 Dec 2018

I am pleased to send you the attached ACE 2017-18 Program Year Report.  It integrates into a succinct summary key data from recent student and alumni surveys as well as affiliates’ year-end reports.


This is the first time we created such a document. It is somewhat akin to an annual report.


I call your attention to just a few points demonstrating ACE’s continuing success.


  • The number of students enrolled grew by 7% over the preceding year.
  • Likewise, mentor numbers expanded by 12%.
  • The large majority (71%) of ACE students are minority or multi-racial/ethnic, compared to 58% for all U.S. high school students.
  • A record $2 million was awarded in scholarships.


I hope this document will help you share ACE’s stunning story with potential sponsors, mentors, schools, and industry friends.


As always, let me know if you have questions or want additional information.


Diana T. Eidenshink


ACE Mentor Program of America