03 Mar 2022

We were thrilled to welcome over 100 enthusiastic high school students to the ACE Mentor Program of Raleigh across 13 small group sessions and 8 large group sessions. Sessions included lessons and activities covering Architecture, Engineering and Construction but also incorporated virtual office tours, on site field visits and soft skill training, all guided by our knowledgeable community of over 50 mentor professionals. Virtual Large group sessions streamlined the lessons and introduced weekly activities. Small group sessions are aimed at giving students direct feedback on their activities and encourage collaboration with their fellow group members.

The virtual program has helped ACE RDU unify lessons and projects, and we look forward to using this experience to make ACE even better in the future. We can’t wait to get back to our traditional in-person locations in the coming program year, where students will again be able to collaborate on larger group projects. We understand the challenges of virtual learning for both students and mentors and are extremely proud of this year’s commitment to the program and to the future of the ACE industry.

Student Scholarships
At the conclusion of our program, students gathered online to present their work and share their experience with their classmates. 14 scholarships were awarded including a virtual camp stay at NC State. These scholarships were funded by the donations of so many in our community.

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