10 Sep 2021

2021 Student Orientation: https://youtu.be/GPzHsZI8tCo Presentation: 00:00 Introduction and Agenda 03:18 What’s the ACE Program? 08:07 ACE Day of Action 09:15 Program and Project for this year 13:47 Google Classroom Demo 18:47 ACE Locations (if in-person) 19:53 Registration and Participation 21:40 Parent Consent Forms 27:08 Summary Q&A: 28:11 Who are the Mentors at the locations? 29:59 […]

17 Dec 2020

Dear Students,   Applications are open for ACE RDU Scholarships!  Scholarship applications  must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, January 15th.  Access the application by logging into your profile at www.acementor.org, or following the links below: Underclassmen interested in scholarships to NC State’s Design Camp or Engineering Camp:  https://app.acementor.org/scholarships/apply/676f8b01f38922649ab36f50d44bb8d5cbaeceb7c8379dc39b/278 Seniors entering an ACE-related field of study: https://app.acementor.org/scholarships/apply/b363b9fa1eebd990d76830b77dea84926620dcfb3c35061847/279 […]

28 Jul 2020

Dear AEC Community,   Looking to engage future employees for your field? There is no better way to reach out to students interested in one of the ACE Fields (architecture, construction & engineering) than by engaging with the ACE Mentor Program of Raleigh. This year we are excited to announce our first ACE Day of […]

27 Apr 2020

Here are the links to view the national CMiC video   National: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlK2g9tnb28   Thanks!   TZU CHEN, AIA, LEED AP BD+C SOUTHEAST REGIONAL DIRECTOR   ACE MENTOR PROGRAM OF AMERICA 1501 CHERRY STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19102   tchen@acementor.org | (919) 780-8872   __________________________________________­­______________   OUR MISSION | To engage, excite and enlighten high school […]